What is Cow Carpet?

Cow Carpet is a porous fabric designed to end all mud and erosion problems. This fabric has tremendous strength that will prohibit sinking, even with heavy vehicle traffic, payloaders and feed wagons. When it rains, Cow Carpet allows water to drain while preventing the top cover of crushed rock, sand, or rock dust from sinking.

After much testing, the carpet is manufactured exactly to S&R Textiles specifications. The material is made from polypropylene, a man-made fiber. A low-melt, heat-set process that compresses and ties black fibers into a sheet one-eighth of an inch thick. This filter fabric provides suitable surfaces for feeding areas, stream crossings, vehicle traffic areas, gateways and travel lanes.

Cow Carpet is made exclusively for the livestock industry. It improves herd health and increases performance compared to herds in muddy lots.

Cow Carpet has proven the following for dairies:

• Reduced udder and teat problems
• Mastitis is greatly reduced
• Eliminates stress
• Conserves more energy and strength
• Reduces foot problems
• Produces more milk with no change in diet
• Greatly reduces veterinary expenses

The installation of Cow Carpet is simple and less than 1/6 the cost of concrete. This tough, synthetic fabric is used in conjunction with rock dust or crushed stone layers to form a solid surface.

Cow Carpet is truly a product that means total animal comfort!

100% money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the performance of Cow Carpet as a mud control product, and if it was installed as suggested on our installation sheet, your entire cost of the product will be refunded with no questions asked.

Before Cow Carpet

Installing Cow Carpet

After Cow Carpet


Comments About Cow Carpet
Farmers around the country and overseas have purchased over 9 million square yards of Cow Carpet. Here is how it has helped their herds:

John and Jill Settles of Springfield, KY installed a 120 foot long walkway on there dairy farm. John Settles claims, "We have had no problems with the system and foot problems have been reduced to almost zero."


Former manager, Charlie Hunt, of Terrell's Double TT Charolais Farm, located near Trinity, NC, says, "When you step from the concrete to dirt, you always get mud if any liquids are present, but when you step from concrete to carpet you eliminate all mud problems."

Don Bennink of North Florida Holsteins in Bell, FL, installed Cow Carpet in the toughest area, a heavy traffic lane where the concrete ended. It was always wet and the mud was very deep. Cow Carpet works great under these conditions, so he uses it in the feed lots. Eight years of heavy traffic and over seven million cows have used this lane and the Cow Carpet is still working great.

Mr. Bennink reports the benefits of Cow Carpet, "We have less udder and teat problems and mastitis is now easier to control. Hoof health has improved because the cows are more comfortable. Milk production has increased 2,000 to 3,000 pounds per cow per year, which we attribute to eliminating the stress of walking through deep manure and mud."

Mr. Bennink adds, "Our carpet is wearing very well. We found that metal blades damaged the carpet, so we used a rubber tire scraper to clean it. Installing Cow Carpet has resulted in considerable cost savings in labor and machinery. Formerly those costs ran more than $100,000 per year. Now they are a fraction of that."